GRHE (Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear) variation – Lucian Vasies

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Hook: Daiichi D1180 #12
Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread – black
Lead:- 0.3mm lead wire
Underbody: Yellow body thread – Devaux
Tail:guard hair from European Hare
Body: Super Spike Dubbing
Back: guard hair from European Hare
Thorax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing
Tinsel: Oval French Tinsel from Uni
All these materials can be found on

Create an even tapered underbody.


Chose your guard hairs for the tail


Tie in the tinsel and tail

Dub the body


Counter wrap the tinsel


Tie in guard hair for the back


Dub the thorax


Fold and secure the back

Trim and tie off the head




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  1. LUCHS says:

    RIGHT YOU ARE, NOTHING COMPLICATED ABOUT THE GRHE.However, when I read the list of materials you use I got very intimidated. Wow, European hare’s hair, French tinsel, super spike dubbing,mad rabbit dubbing,all stuff not handled by local suppliers. So I says to myself here is a real finicky person for details. IN the end though when I looked up the hook it turns out you use a light weight dry fly hook and then wrap lead around it. I would suggest to you that a nymph hook with some 0.3mm copper wrap would be more appropriate as well as environmentally friendly. What is the wing case made of by the way? Fortunately a GRHE made from locally available stuff occasionally fools the odd fish too. I do not intend to upset you, it’s just that I have 1 1/3 of a tonne of material heaped up surrounding my tying set-up and I see pink when somebody comes along and lists materials I dont have or have never even heard of.
    Greetings, Luchs

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  2. Al says:

    I agree withcomments above by Luchs, except to tell him that we stock European Hare hair.

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  3. John Sawtell says:

    Hi Lucien,
    I was interested how the thorax was shaped and from the pictures, it looks as if the thread wraps are built up over the shank. I guess you have tied a few wraps of lead under the thorax, which of course accounts for the hump at that point.
    But, if you do not weight the fly, what material do you use to build up the thorax?
    I think “European hair” is normal hair here in the UK, but I have moved on to Red Fox Squirrel fur as an alternative. I find it easier to work with and the colour is almost identical to hare’s fur.
    Your version looks a good buggy type of nymph, similar to the conventional GRHE. I’m sure both will continue to catch many trout.
    Thanks for the article – good clear pictures.

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  4. Hi Lucian,

    Great fly and I love the details. Sometimes I use – instead of hare – seals fur, color tan or squirrel.
    Really spiky, you know.
    Kind regards, Ad

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  5. Tim Trengrove says:

    Hi Lucian,

    I love this fly.
    You have made a superb job of tying it and I congratulate you!
    This is the best tied GRHE I have seen,

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