Hatches Theater- Albies, Brothers, and Loon

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John Mauser of http://www.tailingtideguideservice.com/ chases some False Albacore off the North Carolina coast with awesome results. The frantic knot tying while fish are blitzing boatside, then hooking up on the first cast… well done!

This was the third year for us and it has been the greatest so far. None of us had ever been in a helicopter but this year we decided to book one to fly us out into the mountains for almost a week of the perfect trip.
Season II will not be a single film but a series of webisodes, available for free via brothersonthefly.com

Loon shows why anglers no longer have to choose between and “great product” or a “green product”…
We exist to make the best products, to protect the environment, and to support our community. We not only deeply respect the history of our humble beginnings, but are also unwaveringly committed to our ever-strong foundation: developing premium products that are safe for fish, fisheries and fishermen. We also like to have a lot of fun at the same time. Thank you to everyone that worked on this project.
To find out more visit: loonoutdoors.com

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