Lap Dancer- Steve Dally

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Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher partner and guide Steve Dally demonstrates his predator seducing Lap Dancer in trophy brown trout sizes.

Like all our White River trophy brown trout guides, Steve was seeking new ways to find the radical wounded baitfish action to tempt big browns. The Lap Dancer is a step forward in the evolution. Steve ties the Lap Dancer from 5″ to 10″ long for meat eaters from smallmouth, largemouth, trout, salmon and even pike and musky.

Why the “Lap Dancer” name _ “you have to pay good money to get something to wiggle like that.”

Rear Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #1
Thread: Wapsi UTC 210
Tail: 2 or 4 Saddle Hackles depending on quality
Body: Bucktail
Underbody: Palmer Chennile
Flash: Krystal Flash; Flashabou Mirage; Grizzly Accent
Rear Articulation: 20mm Fishskull Articulated Shanks
Front Articulation: 50# mono
Beads: Dally’s Streamer Balls 6mm metallic beads.
Lead: .030 Lead Wire
Swimming Hackle: Grizzly saddle narrow
Head: Rainy’s Foam Diver Head Large
Clear Cure Goo Hydro

You can find Steve online at Dally’ Ozark Fly Fisher

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  1. Mich Gunner Svaty says:

    Really Great Fly! I see it takes time in the
    making but is well worth it.

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  2. Morbital says:

    great looking fly!
    but what gear is needed to throw such monsters?

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  3. Ken Roy says:

    What was the synthetic (pearl) material that he palmered around the fly? I gotta get some of that stuff.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

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