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This is a spinoff of the Crime Scene Caddis tied by Bob Quigley, who happens to be my favorite fly tyer of all time. Bob passed away this past summer after a battle with cancer. He was a fly tying innovator giving us new patterns and new techniques to catch those finicky spring creek trout. The list of flies he created goes on and on a few of my personal favorites are Quigley’s Film Critic, Hackle Stacker, Half Dun, and his Cripple patterns. Bob was a master of applying the para-loop hackle to flies; it’s a great way to keep the hackle on top of the fly allowing it to ride lower and more realistic in the water. I took his pattern and applied it to an emerging style caddis and made a few subtle changes. This fly is fairly easy to tie and catches fish, much like all of Bob’s patterns.

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Hook: Gamakatsu C12U
Thread: UTC 140 Black
Body: Clear V-rib
Wing: Dun Elk Hair and White Foam
Thorax: Black Superfine dubbing and ginger hackle
Antenna: Black Krystal flash

Attach your thread and tie in your v-rib.

Wrap your v-rib to about even with the hook point.

Clean, stack, and tie in a small clump of elk hair

Tie in a small strip of white foam, about the width of the hook gap. I usually trim the end into a V before I tie it in.

Now you’re ready for the thread loop and to tie in a piece of flash on each side.

Tie in your hackle.

Wrap the hackle up and down the thread loop. Measure off how much hackle you want to lay down remembering to leave enough room for a head. You can also add a small amount of dubbing for the thorax just enough to cover your thread.

Pull over your hackle loop, tie it off, and build a thread head.

Whip finish and glue. Trim your flash antennas and foam. Although I didn’t know Bob Quigley I want to thank him for the patterns and fly tying techniques he was a true innovator of the sport.

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  1. Brian Koz says:

    Hot Damn!! That’s a sexy good fly!! I am headed to the bench to try a few variations>> Gotta be a killer brookie with a paecock abdomen.
    Tight Lines,

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  2. Landon says:

    I bet Lars would sleigh them with this pattern!! Nice fly!

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  3. I don’t quite understand the dubbing loop / hackle step. A couple more photos of the intermediate steps (not to mention a video) would help. Looks like a great pattern. I am going to investigate further.

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  4. Andy says:

    Awesome fly, I love quigley’s flies.

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  5. Vic Loiselle says:

    Great looking pattern. I’m a big fan of caddis flies.

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  6. Don says:

    Nice, I think Bob would approve.
    He is my favorite fly tyer of all time as well.

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  7. Bruce Lanphar says:

    Interesting pattern but it is missing a key trigger element of a caddis emerger, the gas bubble. This could be simulated with an under wing of clear antron or create an antron cheinille to wrap with the V rib material forming the abdomen. Either of these I believe would result in a more effective fly.

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