Rylee’s Supreme Sparkling Emerger- by Lucas Langton

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I love fishing spring creeks, mayflies, and especially emerger/cripple patterns. This pattern is straight forward easy to tie and with a few changes can match most emerging mayflies. This is the first pattern in a series of flies that I use supreme hair for the body of the fly. I like supreme hair because it’s light, comes in multiple colors, and gives the fly a ribbed or segmented look. There’s nothing fancy with these flies but they catch fish and that’s why I tie. I’ll work on getting the other two flies of Rylee’s Supreme series photographed in the mean time tie up some of the emergers and catch some fish it’s that time of year. – Lucas

Hook: Gamakatsu C15-BV
Thread: UTC 140 Yellow Olive
Wing: Poly yarn light dun
Thorax: Superfine pale evening dun and light dun hackle
Body: Supreme Hair 2 strands white and Midge flash 1 strand olive and 1 strand root beer
Head: Thread

Attach the thread and tie in your Supreme hair and midge flash

Wrap your strands back to the curve in the hook where you started your thread.

Tie in the poly yarn and your hackle. Typically I use about 3/4 the width of the strand of poly yarn.

Pullover the poly yarn forming a small loop on the back and give it a few turns. Add your dubbing and start wrapping forward building your thorax.

Now you can wrap your hackle forward to the end of your dubbing. Usually 2-3 turns and tie it off.

Cut your hackle of and wrap the thread in front of the wing. I keep the wing long so I can pull it back out of the way while I build the head and whip finish.

Glue and trim your wing just a little longer than the hackle. Done deal.

Cream UTC, Barred Ginger hackle, Tan poly yarn, 2 strands white supreme hair and 2 root beer midge flash

Olive UTC, Dun Poly yarn, Dun hackle, Superfine BWO, Supreme hair 1 white 1 black and 2 olive midge flash

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