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“EGG” The 3-letter word that is a 4-letter word in fly fishing. The most bashed, yet most effective fly is arguably an egg pattern. This version of the egg has a transparent body that allows for a realistic view under water. It is a great foundation for a limitless amount of color variations. A great fly for fall, winter, or spring.

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  1. Richard Benefield says:

    This such a simple but very smart concept. Will have to wait until the early runs on the Tongariro rainbows (introduced US steelhead) next southern autumn/winter to try it out. Thanks heaps!

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  2. jim says:

    The egg pattern has always been productive for me. I was out wading the Meramec river in Missouri about a week ago. After all my other favorite flies (mohair leeches, scuds, pheasant tails) failed, I tied on a weighted egg pattern and caught three rainbows within my next six casts. They always seem to hit it on the swing. This pattern looks great. Have you ever weighted it?

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  3. Tightline says:

    I prefer not to weight my eggs and instead drop them off the back of a weighted fly (usually a bead head hare’s ear or stonefly). I like the idea of egg patterns being neutrally buoyant and thus moving more naturally with the current.

    A friend of my ties the Eggs Over Easy with a bright red bead as the blood dot and does quite well with it. The tying method is basically the same.

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  4. Bazzer says:

    The problem with this pattern is the effective gape of the hook is greatly reduced by the plastic bead. It’s far more effective to heat the hook a
    Little and mount on top of the shank melting a small slot in the bead.
    Just a note this pattern was invented by Jim Pettus on the Lower Sacramento River some years ago and has been on sale at the Fly Shop there for as long as I can remember

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  5. Rodney Boyette says:

    I can’t wait to try this pattern on southern bass here in the Great Pee Dee River in South Carolina and in a few ponds.
    Rodney in South Carolina

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  6. Tom says:

    Great pattern – I know the fish in my local lake will love this during a spawn.

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  7. Harry Crabtree says:

    Great looking egg. I’m tying up a bunch of these for our little fishing group. We are going up into Canada this year on the Garden River on one of our trips. I understand it’s a “pink” year for salmon so we will put these eggs in front of em’ and see what they do. Great video, easy to understand and narration is excellent.

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  8. Mike Arnold says:

    We’ve been fishing this “nuclear” pattern since the mid-80’s. It’s far from a new idea but it really does work well.

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