Masked Avenger – Rich Strolis

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“An upper sized trout streamer, middle of the road sized pike fly. This guy did some damage in 2013. The trick to this fly is how it demonstrates the correct way to affix the new fish masks to the flies you design them for.” -Rich Strolis

The colors and size can be easily changed to meet local fishing and target species.

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  1. John Sawtell says:

    Hi Richard,
    A very active video! There’s a lot going on here and most interesting to watch. The spinning of the body material (?marabou) was new to me and I could see how it filled the shank. Didn’t catch all the materials at the beginning, although pleased to see that Partridge hooks are used (easier to source in UK). This is a video that I will want to view again, as I can see the attractiveness of this pattern to Pike and other predatory fish. Uncertain where the head covers are sourced from – they look like Fish Skulls to me, but I guess these are transparent plastic. Anyway, I’m sure something could be adapted!

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  2. Carl says:

    can’t wait to try that for some big pike this spring

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  3. Dave Moser says:

    That is very nicely done and a great fly!
    Thanks for sharing

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