Blizzard to Bluebird

Videos — By on January 30, 2014 1:40 pm

A fly fishing trip that took myself and three of my friends to some of Idaho’s best trout waters. Watch as we embark on a 3 day adventure into the Box Canyon of the Henrys Fork and then finish our trip with two days of fishing on Henrys Lake. We arrived to a blizzard and left with two bluebird days under our belts.

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  1. Peter Oswell says:

    If you are going to put videos and other materials here, you damn well better make sure that Joe Nonteck can make them play! I have been going in circles for 10 minutes trying to play Blizzard to Bluebird and all I got was frustrated to the point where I’m ready to tell you where to put your whole site! Enlighten me please.

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  2. Tom Hirst says:

    Fantastic website and such a childish reaction to an unusual technical glitch! Keep up the great work.

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  3. Ken Lindblom says:

    I agree with the first responder. I gave up after two trys

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  4. Jeff Stephenson says:

    I had to give up too. Many other videos from others are easy to view. Why not yours?

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  5. Chuck says:

    I love such youthful wonder and exuberance. Looks like it was a fab trip. Very much enjoyed seeing this video.

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  6. Jake Enns says:

    Hi ,Peter Oswell. ‘Bin dar , dun dat!’ Know how you feel.
    I had no end of problems playing vids. of all types. Paid a teckie the big bucks to debug the machine. He also downloaded some updated program drivers. Made ALL the difference. Now no dropped vids and it even plays You Tube vids no problemo!

    Hope this helps. Jake Enns

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