GreenCaddis Fly Tying Hooks Are Back in Stock

GreenCaddis Announcements and Special Offers — By on March 28, 2014 1:26 pm

I am happy to announce that I just received a large shipments of hooks in this week. Just in time to help finish up filling your fly boxes before opening day! Click Here for More Info



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  1. wayne caron says:

    I ordered 250 hooks almost a month ago but I haven’t seen them. I sent emails saying my address changed and no one replied back. Is Green Caddis Outfitters for real?? Please send me an email.

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  2. Randy Fields says:

    I know how you feel Wayne, I ordered a bunch of hooks and three fly boxes. I got all my hooks but only one fly box. I e-mailed them 4 times and still haven’t herd from them. Really says a lot about them.

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  3. Edward says:

    try us and you will excellent flies and haste time

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  4. Larry says:

    Dose Green Cadis ship hooks free to Canada?
    I can not find any contact info on their site

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