Ruby River Customer Review

GreenCaddis Announcements and Special Offers — By on May 21, 2014 12:43 pm

This is perhaps the best review I have ever received from a customer for any GCO product. After such an investment of both time and resources it is rewarding to see customers appreciating both the aesthetics and value of products such as the Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rod which literally cost half of other comparable fly rods.

“This is exactly the rod I wanted to transport me back to my very first fly outfit, a Wright and McGill 6.5 ft. hitched to a Pflueger Medalist. Like almost every other fly fisher I know, I got caught up in the power craze and now that I’m on the last cog of the 60 decade, I yearn for the soft grace and elegance of my youth. I didn’t quite know what to expect since the cheapest glass rod I could find anywhere was $250 but the Ruby River is beautifully finished and casts just like I had hoped. What fun it will be on small stream trout in Montana.”

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