How to Tie Jerry French’s Skinny Hoh Fly

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OPST’s newest fly tying video on how to Tie Jerry French’s Skinny Hoh fly. The Skinny Hoh is a slimmed-down version of Jerry French’s Dirty Hoh, a cross between an intruder and a string leech. It features composite loops, which Jerry uses to put multiple materials in a dubbing loop for a totally unique look and action. This video gives a great step by step instruction to the composite loop, as well as the twisted hitch, Jerry’s way of securing a hook to a rabbit strip so that it will never come loose or foul. see more at

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  1. Rob says:

    Being new to tying tube flies or shank flies; I thank you for the tips on dubbing loops and materials used.

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  2. bill Johnson says:

    One might hang oneself if the fly broke off after all that time at the vise .BJ

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  3. Ard Stetts says:

    Thank you for all your time demonstrating this pattern Jerry. Those of us who use similar flies and classics don’t worry about losing them do we?

    I make a lot of flies that require 20 – 30 minutes to complete and really appreciate your attention to detail.

    I’ll give this demo a 5 Star Rating because you took the effort to do it!


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  4. Ard Stetts says:

    Hey Jerry I hit the wrong button trying to rate this demo, sorry. Here’s the correct one………

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