Shawn Mitchell set of 10 classics

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We’ve long been fans of Shawn Mitchell’s Classics over the years and featured his tutorials and flies (CLICK HERE for all of Shawn’s posts). An Australian, Shawn’s creations are born long from the atlantic salmon watersheds that offer his inspiration and decades guidance. While Shawn is well know for his progressive adaptations and synergies, this set of 10 classics are true to form and for note, the black argus is tied with genuine western tragopan; one of the rarest and most expensive feathers to find on the market.

Shawn lives in Perth Western Australia and can be reached at [email protected]


nelly bly 5/0 noble s


evangeline 6/0 noble s


jaypt 5/0xl h&b


lang syne 5/0xl h&b


black argus 6/0 noble ds

sir moses 7/0 h&b


fra diavolo 5/0 h&b


evening star 5/0 noble ds


gitana 7/0 noble s


nepenthian 7/0 noble s


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  1. Hordur Filipsson says:

    Shawn this is a pure fly tying porn. Thraherne is not something that you do with out some skills and you got skills that for sure. Looking forward to see some more flies from you.
    best regards Hoddi

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  2. fernancano says:

    That is superb,classy and innovation,crazy good,will have some

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  3. David says:

    Those are the most beautiful hand tied flies I have ever seen….

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  4. Linda Rampant says:

    Dearest Shawn, You are a true Artist, your hours of work encourages & inspires my Darling Husband to spend more time in His FLY TYING room. You are so talented, I hope you are going to spend as much time teaching your Girls your gift.

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