Haches Theater- Poppa, ZAKO, and Bluefin

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Compilation of popper bites from a few days of fly fishing for big red fish in the Louisiana marsh from Flywater expeditions

“Japan, a country with small land area. While so much of our nature on this planet has been touched and reshaped by humans, Zako River in Shiga Kogen is a valuable river on earth where only wild chars inhabit. It is the river that local predecessors have cared for. There is a number of attractive waterfalls on Zako River, some only known by the locals.
In this film, two men takes their steps toward a waterfall to fly fish with a breathtaking view. Although its expedition can be rough at times, they will be rewarded with a delightful view at the destination.
This film invites us to appreciate the beauty of Japanese nature, Sawakudari (canyoning), and fly fishing.”

A pilot trip in search of the mighty Bluefin tuna. 800 Miles of traveling and 2 days of fishing. A small change but we took it.
In the end it turned out to be an adventure of epic proportions. 11 bluefins were boated in less than 2 days.
Many thanks to Samuel Elgrishi from Roussillon Fishing

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  1. Rick MacKay says:

    Unreel baby blue fin on the fly . Now that you guys have the practice in you should come to P.E.I. where you can feed 1000 lb blue fin mackerel from the end of a gaff only two feet from the boat . Excellent footage guys . I only wish I could have been there myself .

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  2. MAURO says:

    1000 lb blue fin mackerel? Where?

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  3. Bazzer says:

    What’s the radiation level of this tuna! I bet they glow in the dark!

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