The Burner – by Holger Lachmann

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This is a very durable and effective streamer pattern to imitate a small fish. It’s absolute versatile. Seatrout, trout, perch, asp, zander, … every fish which hunts for smaller fish is a good target for THE BURNER.

It looks good when dry, but it looks amazing when wet.

This is really a pattern which you should try.

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Hook: Tiemco 811 S #4
Weight: Lead Wire
Ribbing: 0,25mm Mono
Body: UV Ice Dub golden olive
Back: Zonker Stripe
Front: Different colors of Senyo’s Laser Dub
Head: 3 D Eyes and Bug Bond Lite to secure it



Wind on the lead wire and attach the mono for the ribbing




Split the thread and put the Ice Dub between it. Spin the thread and brush the dubbing with your velcro, than wind the dubbing from the back to the front. Brush the body again with your velcro.



Tie in a piece of a zonker stripe and rib it with the mono. Catch the mono at the front with your thread.



Tie in some bunches of Senyo’s Laser Dub in the colors of your liking. The belly should always be brighter than the back. Finish with a whio finish behind the hook eye and comb the fibres back.




IMG_4343-Medium (1)

Take your super glue and put two 3D eyes on each side. Then take Bug Bond Lite UV Resin and put a drop between the eyes on the top and on the underside. The thin resin soaks into the head. Use your Bug Bond torch to harden the resin. If you like, you can do some gills behind the eyes with a thin marker pen.

That’s it! A sweet baitfish pattern with the great movement of the zonker stripe and the cool translucent look of the laser dub.

Tight lines and some good time at the water!

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  1. Ron Chinnes says:

    Does the lead wire cause the fly to invert and ride hook up, like a Clouser?

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  2. ray harrison says:

    Fantastic thank you

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  3. Lyle says:

    good fly that works for a lot of fish

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  4. Shawn reese says:

    The lead wire will not invert the fly since it was evenly distributed around the hook. The hook still has it’s keel with the barbed portion. Be sure to evenly distribute the laser dubbing so the fly won’t list to one side.

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  5. Ron says:

    Fantastic thank you

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