Wild ‘Bout Brookies

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It is not every day I find a special stream like this with such robust wild brookies and indescribable beauty below the surface. Brook trout have lost a tremendous amount of habitat and genetic diversity to urbanization and excessive fish stocking. Please support and speak up for wild rivers and wild fish conservation.

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  1. Dan Longnecker says:

    Where might one find this unnatural co-existance of both large and small brookies? Brooks are as much a predator as a salmonid. A 12″ brook will eat a 4″ any day for a snack. I raise brooks for a living, so I am not guessing about their behavior. Great shots of the brooks though. Still one o the most attractive fish in the stream. Keep up the great photography. Thanks.

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  2. Elden says:

    Fish for these in Nevada in the Ruby Mountains and Montana on small streams the most beautiful fish hands down.

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  3. Kevin says:

    There is a Mountain Lake, a 9 mile walk into the Ruby Mts. of Nevada that offer some exceptional brookie fishin’. First morning, 12 fish ranging from just a little under 10″ to 14 3/4″. Those are hogs in my book where the normal size brookies are 6″ – 9″. A timberline emerger with a red butt and a Biggs Sheep creek special did the trick. First week in Oct….. most gorgeous little fish I ever caught.

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  4. AXEL says:

    Rainbows are great actors, but brookies have them beat in looks at any time in my books. In our part of the world, in the Canadian hinterland, brookies go into spawning mode in Oct. and that is when we can see a fair mix of sizes schooled up in favoured stream locations.

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  5. Jim Rauch says:


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