Korkers Devils Canyon Wading boots

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Korkers boots have gained staggering popularity over the past several seasons with their line of boots that feature interchangeable soles called the Omnitrax system. The Omnitrax sole system allows anglers to switch between a range of rubber, felt, studs, and other speciality soles to match the conditions they face or potential legal and invasive species considerations. They also allow angler to extend the life of their boots by being able to essentially have a new boot once they wear out a sole. With this sole foundation, Korkers has also continued to innovate in the construction, materials, and features offered in a wading boot… which gives way to the newest boot, The Devil’s Canyon.

I wore the boot for a week steelhead fishing in Oregon and also in the Great lakes. They saw a good mix of nearly mountaineering hikes, high risk wading, long days, and abuse. They performed flawlessly.

This is a super light boot that feels more like a trail running shoe or light hiking boat than a clunky overbuilt wading boot.
Each boot is almost a FULL POUND lighter than a main competitors boot! That translates into happy feet and back at the end of a 10hr day of fishing over as many miles.

Here are some of the stands-outs from the the boot from getting that out on the water.


M2 Boa lacing/ Reinforced draining boa eyelets

This is a fully sealed BOA system that keeps out dirt/sand/grime/ect. It also turns at a 2:1 ratio, which means faster and tighter fits.

The eyelets and lace system is Self cleaning and has an open design allowing for all debris to easily be removed from the lace system.

Best of all – Full lifetime warranty. If you have an issue, you can go to the BOA website and order FREE replacement parts. If you want to be safe, you can order the parts and have them on hand incase there is ever an issue.
The system is

  • Stronger than traditional laces
  • easier to replace than traditional laces
  • hold firmer and never comes untied
  • Easier to re-adjust fit during the day



Neoprene cuff

I think this may be the best part of the boot. This cuff allows for easy on and off of the boot, but really improves the feel of a fully tighten boot.
I like my boots tights and find the cuffs of boots be the most uncomfortable, esp if they are too rigid. The Devils Canyon “fits like a glove”… I know that’s cliche, but it is true. There is full lateral support and the tongue is supportive as well, but having the rear cuff of neoprene takes away any un-needed/uncomfortable pressure… but still allows for full support.



420-D synthetic Construction

This material is a full synthetic that is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t retain water and is dries super fast. It is also really durable and will resist cuts/tears/rips.

I wore mine on some cheese-grader type rocks and sharp shale ledges and there isn’t even a scratch… pretty impressive


Full rubber 2 layer toe cap & Triple recessed stitching

This boot is built tough kicking rock and sliding are no issue. If triple stitching seams wasn’t enough, there are also recessed in high wear areas to ensure their integrity



Bottom Line

PROS – They are lighter, more comfortable, and (so far) more durable than any boots I’ve used… TOPS in all three.

There are no CONS for me… the only issue I’d could imagine that some “traditionalist” raising would be the all black color… but I like it.

More info from Korkers and to order online – CLICK HERE

Some videos from Korkers

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