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According to longtime angler Rob Brown the Skeena River drainage is “the last bastion of wild steelhead.” This film examines the value of the Skeena River and its fish, and the steadily growing risks it faces to development and energy transportation proposals. The energy industry is vital to Canada’s economic strength, and the Northern Gateway Pipeline project would use parts of the Skeena as a corridor to reach new global markets. This said, there is also immense value in the diverse ecosystems and wilderness that make up the Skeena.
Produced, filmed & edited by Dimitri Gammer

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  1. Jack McNeary says:

    This film would be about the same Enbridge which left the oil pipeline spill running for 17 hours before it was cut off. This was in Kalamazoo Michigan in 2010. It was dilbit and cost Enbridge $1.21 billion to clean up at the latest count.

    I think there was a book about it called “The biggest oil spill you never heard about.” The Michigan spill happened shortly after Bp in the Gulf.

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  2. Malcolm Davidson says:

    Why can’t governments see the value in pristine natural enviroments? Repealing the fisheries act to ram through big business interests is so transparent, and wrong not to mention devious. Why wasn’t I as a Canadian citizen, or any other citizens informed of these changes? Democracy? Majority government that nearly 60% of Canadians didn’t want. Something is broken here. Thanks for this film.

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