Biot Nymph – by Lucas Langton

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Gamakatsu R-17B sz 12-16, UTC 140
Tungsten bead
Turkey biot
Hare’s ear dubbing
UV Ice pheasant tail dubbing
Pheasant tail
Clear Cure

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attach your thread and add 4-6 pheasant tail fibers for a tail


Tie in a Turkey biot and advance forward for a segmented body

download (1)

Tie in another biot on the top of the hook shank that will be used for the wing casing

download (2)

Mix the Hares ear and pheasant tail ice dub and dub it for a thorax
download (3)


Fold the biot over the dubbed thorax and tie off.  After clipping the tag and whip finishing, apply some Clear cure goo for strength

download (4)


Brush out the thorax for a nice buggy profile

download (5)

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  1. Sare says:

    Easy to tye.
    Looks good.
    I’ll try it next week at Missouri Montauk State Trout Park / Current River.
    Don’t under estimate Missouri for some Great Trout Fishing.

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  2. Luke says:

    I’m a fellow Missourian, we’ve got some good stuff. There’s some excellent trout fishing in the Midwest.

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