Balmoral Variant Dee Salmon Fly – Davie McPhail

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Hook – Size 1 Salmon or Steelhead Single
Thread – Black
Tag – Oval Silver Tinsel
Tails- Golden Pheasant Crest and Tippet
Rib – Oval and Embossed Silver Tinsel
Body – Dyed Green and Blue Pigs Wool or Sub
Body Hackle – Blue Eared Pheasant dyed Black
Throat – Teal Flank
Wing – Brown Turkey Tail
Eye – Jungle Cock Dropped

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  1. John Ryan says:

    I watched Davie tie another fly earlier this week and when I saw he was tying the Balmoral….I had to stop work to watch him. A great fly tier and one of my favorite Atlantic Salmon flies. I would love to see him tie the double Akroyd, Gardener, Dunt and Tri-color. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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