Winged Ant – by Holger Lachmann

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Ants are everywhere, especially in the summer, when the winged ants are flying around. Fish love to eat them, so it’s logical to have some ants in your fly box. This is an easy to tie pattern and with a little bit floatant, it swims very well. I tied here a version with some foam as underbody, coated with uv resin. It’s for the faster flowing water. I tie another version with the two segments completely made with uv resin without any foam. The second version sits deeper in the surface film, which looks more natural in slow water, where the fish got more time to take a closer look. The shape of the hook is not so important, as long as the hook gap is big enough.


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Hook: Dry fly hook # 12-16
Body: Foam coated wit Bug Bond UV Resin and colored with a black Marker Pen
Hackle: Whiting black
Wings: Flash Dubbing

Tie in the foam and fold it to the front and tie it down.




Do the same for the front segment and color it with a marker pen.



Take some Bug Bond Original and cover both segments with the resin and harden it with your BB torch.


Use your marker to color the hardened Bug Bond



Take some strands of flash dubbing and tie it in just before the first segment. It should be tied in V-shaped, so it looks like wings.


Tie in a black hackle and wind it in three turns to the front and catch it with your thread and do a whip finish.

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  1. K. Oliver says:

    Great looking fly that I could use.

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  2. Jaime says:

    I like it! I tie one very similar, but without the flash. I’ll be adding it, though. Just curious, why not use black foam and thread, then you can save yourself the step of coloring it. I do this and they come out fine.

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  3. D.N. says:

    Nice ant, I improved it a bit and used white CDC for the wing and black foam.

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