Metallica Salmon Fly – Davie McPhail

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Metallica Salmon Fly designed by Mr. Petur Steingrimsson at Big Laxa in Iceland, designed whilst he was listing to a song by Metallica, on state radio Mr. Petur Steingrimsson is over 80 years old and had been a guide on the Laxa for over 60 years


Hook – Size 6 Double
Thread – Black Uni-8/0
Tag – Oval Silver Tinsel
Tail – Dyed Black Squirrel or Arctic Runner
Body – Hot Green Uni-Floss and Silver Tinsel
Rib – Silver Oval Tinsel or Wire
Wing – Dyed Black Squirrel or Arctic Runner
Hackle – Dyed Black Hen
Front Hackle – Dyed Red Claret Cock or Hen Fibres Top and Bottom
Head – Hot Green Uni-Floss and Black Thread

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