Candy Bug nymph – by Ruben Martin

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The Candy Bug is a nymph is basically a pellet but with the addition of legs for a highly visible and realistically effect.

Wire nymphs with rigid legs bring realism, but sacrifice much in texture while adding additional weight for depth. While wire legs don’t provide texture, fishing with pellets for some years has shown me the ability to have success when there is no texture. Fishing with pellets I began to realize that the texture could be neglected in many cases and the flies were still effective.

For this reason I decided to join the characteristics of a pellet with visible legs … the result was explosive and shows that sometimes carry some aspects of imitation can be much more effective than a design balance between all aspects of imitation. Ruben Martin

Thread: UNI 8/0 black
Tail: Cook del Leon “flor de escoba”
Head: tungsten bead head gold or black
Body: thread with UV resin
Legs: Ultra Wire
Eyes: yellow paint

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