Undertaker Variation – Kevin Hospodar

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A variation of the Undertaker steelhead fly. The Undertaker’s origins are as an Atlantic Salmon fly, but it has been adopted as a proven summer steelhead fly. This version is a bit closer to the Undercoach (Marty Howard’s mash up of the the Undertaker and Steelhead Coachman). I’ve swapped out for a black wing and pheasant rump for the hackle.

Hook – Partridge CS16U/1B sz6
Tag – Small silver oval
Body 1 – chartreuse
Body 2 – Red
Body 3 – Peacock
Rib – Small silver oval
Hackle – Pheasant rump
Wing – Black Bucktail

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  1. Ray Watson says:

    Looks like a great pattern. Ever tried it on trout?

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  2. A great time tested pattern, its become a staple in many salmon / steelhead anglers fly boxes.
    Needless to say, great tutorial

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