Kelly Galloup’s Flatliner – by Brian Wise

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A BRAND NEW articulated streamer from Kelly Galloup. The Flatliner is a horizontally (is that a word) flat profiled fly… stuff!

Rear Hook:
Hook – Gamakatsu Sp11 3L3H #2
Tail – Schlappen
Flash – Flashabou
Body – Polar Chenille
Wing – Marabou

Front Hook:
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s #1
Body – Polar Chenille
Wing – Marabou
Body – Polar Chenille
Head/Wing – Marabou
Head – Laser Dub
Eyes – Flymen Eyes

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  1. Brian says:

    I like that vise. Who makes it. The fly is great also.

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  2. NoSlimeSlinger says:

    First: Hit the mute button. Second: Before you tie the fly, put a handkerchief on your tippet and try casting, to get the feel of comparison.

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