Muddler Minnow – Kevin Hospodar

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Tutorial of a simple sparse variation of the Muddler Minnow pattern. The Muddler Minnow is a well established pattern, but this versions has a few tweaks to allow it to be skated of fished damp.

Muddler Minnow Materials
Hook – Partridge Patriot single
Thread – Black
Tail – Bleached elk
Body – Opal mylar with a silver rib
Wing – Comparadun hair

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  1. Jere Crosby says:

    Excellent. That muddler would fish excellent swinging in the riffle water.

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  2. Mike Lundrigan says:

    On the East Coast, the Muddler minnow is a fairly popular Atlantic Salmon fly. I believe this version is worth a try as well. I would tie it using slightly
    different steps but the result would be quite similar. Here, in Nfld.(Canada)
    local moose hair is very popular as a wing material on Salmon flies.
    I think I will tie a moose hair variation of your pattern as well using your basic design. Might be worth a try for steelhead as well?

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  3. for me

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