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A soft hackle for the swing

Thread – Brown
Tail – Hen Saddle fibers
Rib – Black soft wire
Body – Tan/olive dub
Hackle – Hen Saddle

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  1. Denis Nawrocki says:

    A fat body as illustrated can often defeat the fundamental properties of a soft hackle imitation.

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  2. Rob says:

    Video ok. Some technical points for going forward:
    If you FOLD the hackle before you start to wind it you have less stroking back of the hackle as you wind it. Correct term is Folding the Hackle
    Small feathers are Always at the Top of the Saddle or Patch. Just because you are holding it upside down doesn’t change that fact.
    If you whip finish properly no head cement is really necessary, let alone an extra UV resin step. Unless of course you are selling UV resin.
    Another NEW dubbing sounds Great- are the colors based on your home waters??? We’ll see.
    Just a few housekeeping items to make your vid POP! Good Luck!

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  3. Steve says:

    Nice job!

    Denis, you’re an idiot for making a comment like that. If you can’t say something nice the way Rob did, then go stick your head in the sand. Let’s try to encourage novice tiers not bash them.


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  4. Paul says:

    Great Job Kevin!! I’ll be tying a few of these. This might be a new fly to add to your TUs fly tying class.
    D and R, I did not know we needed comments to discourage.


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  5. Darrell Dotson says:

    I like the colors – nice sulphur imitation, however it is ties :) great job!

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  6. Mike Lundrigan says:

    Constructive critisim is given in the spirit of providing suggestions to help.
    This is what was provided and only to help the tier improve. I have tied for 51 years and can still learn from others! No offence should be drawn from those offering honest observations to improve the tie. Otherwise, how would we learn?

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  7. Mark Patenaude says:

    The only problem I saw with this video is the tyer needed to tighten his jaw pressure. As for the comments about UV resin, particularly with Loon resins, there is nothing wrong with adding resin over the whipped head as it increases durability and in many cases, the resins have a fluorescing property thereby adding a trigger point to the fly. I thought the video was well presented, the tyer was using proper tying terminology, in fact more so than with a typical tying video. All together, very well done. It’s real easy to make negative comments but the thing you have to remember is that you better be right in making them because there will be others who are commenting that know more than you do… The lesson here is “to each their own”.

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  8. John H says:


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  9. John H says:

    Cudos for an excellent video. The pace is perfect. The camera angle and focus allow the viewer to see exactly what is going on. He fishes this fly so he must know the proportions better than the other commenters on this site. Thanks much. I will try a couple of these out this spring.

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  10. NoSlimeSlinger says:

    Always great to see variations on any soft hackle. The ole “northcountry spider” type flies are my favorites.-Not saying this is a spider. Keep up the great work.

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  11. Fernando Nieves says:


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  12. Flytyinfreak says:

    The whole idea of a soft hackle fly is to have the hackle stick out perpendicular to the shank, thats what gives it the movement and life the fish is looking for. Tying correct soft hackles is getting to be a lost art. Nice tye and proportions.

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  13. david hutton says:

    Add a small pheasant rump feather on the back and it’s “The Cockaroo,” another killing fly

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