Hatches Theater Fly Fishing Videos – Summer, Winter, and Cane Rods

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Hatches Theater – A collection of Fly Fishing Videos

Summer in the South Carolina Low-Country
by LCjournal

Every year around this date the expectation is for the weather to be warmer. The plan was to streamer fish but 20 degree temps and wind chills in the teens said otherwise, it’s still winter. Last year at this time it was in the mid 70’s. The alternative was to chase steelhead, no one ever said this was a bad backup plan…at least I hope not. – Fly Fish The Mitt

For the MAKERS series, Shwood Eyewear (shwoodshop.com) pays homage to some of Portland’s most innovative artists, builders, writers, and designers that inspire the experimental creators in us all. Part 4 features Aaron Bamboo Fly Rods (aaronbamboorods.com); a one-man custom fly rod manufacturer in NE Portland, operated by Tim Aaron. Follow the full series at experimentwithnature.com

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  1. NoSlimeSlinger says:

    Very enjoyable video of bamboo rod making. Thank you and others who keep the tradition going. Those of us who still fish bamboo have a deep and abiding appreciation of the special talents involved in that skill.

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