Kelly Galloup’s Bangtail T&A – Brian Wise

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Rear Hook
Hook – Gamakatsu SP11 #2
Tail – Saddle Hackle
Tail/Body – Marabou
Wing – Marabou

Front Hook
Hook – Gamakatsu Sp11 #1
Underbody – Marabou
Wing – Laser Dub
Body – Ice Dub

“The Bangtail T&A is the newest member of the T&A Bunker series, which has been an evolutionary process in and of itself since its inception in 1999. The original pattern was simply a palmered marabou body with a two-tone wool head and a pair of doll eyes, but Kelly decided to change the body configuration to cactus chenille in between stacks of marabou when he developed the brown trout variation in 2011. While the Bangtail is similar in profile to the new T&A bunkers, the biggest changes that you will notice were made in the body material and the addition of deceiver tails in the rear. Kelly replaced the cactus chenille with that of UV polar chenille which fills out nicely underwater, and the deceiver tails allow this pattern to swim the way it was originally intended to.” – Buy them here

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