Fly Fishing Knots

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Fly Fishing Knots

One of the most important parts of fly fishing is knowing how to properly tie knots that will not fail. Here are a few fishing knots and there uses that will ensure success on the water.

Double Surgeon Fishing Knot

Fishing Knot for attaching tippet to a leader
Knot for building a leader

The double surgeon fishing knot is a great knot for attaching 2 different diameters of line.

Perfection Loop and Surgeon Loop Fishing knots

Creating Loops for handshake fishing knots
The Perfection loop and Surgeon Loops are great fishing knots for creating a loop. the perfection loop is better for ticker diameter lines.

Non Slip Mono Loop Fishing Knot

Attaching a fly to leader or tippet
The non-slip mono loop may be the most important and most used fishing. Use this knot anytime you are attaching a fly to leader or tippet.

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  1. Strong and effective the Perfection Loop is a favorite for tying a loop at the end of the line. Besides being strong and reliable, it can be crafted to make a very small loop if desired. The Perfection Loop Knot is one of 12 great fishing knots.


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