Micro Intruder Baitfish Fly

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Micro Intruder Bait Fish

A Micro Intruder fly mixed with a baitfish best describes this one. This is a goto fly when swinging to fish who eat baitfish. For most of the Great Lakes steelhead, this is it! Utilizing a waddington shank this fly is unweighted and fished with a sink tip or sinking head it will have great movement in the water.

Micro Intruder

Shank – 15mm waddington Shank – http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.uk/products/salmon-steelhead/specials/waddington-shanks
Hook – Z4 Intruder hook – http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.uk/products/salmon-steelhead/patriot/intruder
Thread – Lagartun
Body – Lagarturn flat braid
Wing – Arctic fox (green and grey)
Mirage Flashabou

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  1. DK says:

    Would this be good for smallmouth bass in a creek/river?

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