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Hatches is an annual publication with a strong devotion to professional writing, beautiful photography and informative articles pertaining to both the artistic and practical aspects of fly tying. Each issue features 13 featured articles that span a massive 96 pages.

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Another Keeper!!

Aug 25, 2011 by bigdewy

Once again the Editors and Contributors have put together a masterpiece in this year's issue of Hatches magazine. This is by far the best bargain in all of flytyingdom!!!


Aug 23, 2011 by Kevin Vauls

I have read many fly mag's over the years and Hatches by far is THE BEST I have ever had. Great SBS photo's and timly articles. You are missing out if you don't get this.

Aug 21, 2011 by Gregg Martin

Al and Gretchen,

A great magazine,"Hatches." I did just recieve my Fall 2011 issue.You asked, to paraphrase, "what is a buzzer?"I would hope most readers to this publication would instantly be able to answer this question.A buzzer are simply very large chironomids, such as those in UK stillwater and in the Pacifac Northwest.This magazine has quality photographs to go with very quality articles.New to it, I hope to see you delve into warm water often.

Thanks foe a great read, Gregg Martin

Don't Stop....Ever

Aug 19, 2011 by Jim Lempa

I just received my issue and loved the "Across the Pond" part. I came across your mag by accident and it has quickly become my favorite.
I ordered all the back issues you had available. Keep up the great work! The web site is outstanding too.


Aug 18, 2011 by TC

Hatches ranks with the VERY Best magazines published today.Fantastic layouts, photos, instructions, articles....even the ads are well done and do not distract from the quality.I rank it #1.Thanks for all the effort you put into this publication.

Aug 16, 2011 by Darryl Hunt

Hi.I recieved my two copies of Hatches in the mail this afternoon and after reading them (cover to cover) I found I needed to e-mail you with a very serious problem I discovered.The problem:Your magazine only comes out ONCE A YEAR!!!!At a bare minimum it should come out monthly....or perhaps weekly....even daily!

But seriously, thanks for the outstanding magazines!They are absolutely the best fly tying reading I've ever seen in a magazine.Very, very well done.Great writing too.My only regret is that I didn't know about them sooner.

Great job!!!!Keep them coming.Thanks again,

-Darryl Hunt
West Newton, PA

Aug 16, 2011 by Roger

I am a mostly self-taught “advanced beginner” (my term) fly-tier.Thus, a lot fly tying stuff is over my head.I want to thank you for including the article on dubbing in your Premiere edition of Hatches – it alone was worth the price of your magazine to me.(Before reading your article the only way I knew how to apply dubbing to flies was via a dubbing loop.I am looking forward to practicing and using the other methods in your article.)

So, thank you Al and Gretchen Beatty as Co-Editors for deciding to include an article of this kind.And thanks too Al, for your clear, informative writing style.I trust you will continue to inform us unwashed beginners with an article or two of this kind in every edition.


PS I am making my way through the more advanced tying articles and really appreciate the careful and very beautiful pictorial displays of the flies being presented.

Hatches Fly Tying Magazine, USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 Once again the Editors and Contributors have put together a masterpiece in this year's issue of Hatches magazine. This is by far the best bargain in all of flytyingdom!!!
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