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Feedback Wanted

6 March 2009 No Comment

I’m sure you’ve noticed the ads on the site.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to make a little extra money, but I could care less about monetary gains from this blog.

Yet, there are two ad types on this site.

The first are the ads for Hatches Magazine, and for the Hatches DVD Store under the comment box.  I get nothing for these, and want nothing from them.  They’re there to, hopefully, help Hatches cover the costs for hosting this blog. The second ad type is for those other ads you see.  You know, the ones I don’t think I can talk about for fear of breaking the rules of the ad provider’s program.

And this is where I need some feedback

As you know, I write this blog for fun.  I like to write about fly fishing and fly tying.  It’s almost therapeutic.  Not to mention, I’ve meet some really cool people through this blogging thing.  That’s reward enough for me.

So I had this idea to donate any ad revenue from this site to a conservation organization, or organizations.  We’ll call it 100% for the planet.

But Who to Donate it to?

The first three groups that pop into my head are-

  1. The Battenkill Watershed Alliance(VT/NY)
  2. The Anglers of the Au Sable(MI)
  3. The Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited(northern MI)

I’ve been active with these three groups in one way or another, and think they would do good stuff with the money- not that it would be a lot.  Better yet, the first two groups have qualified for Orvis Conservation Grants, and that means every dollar donated turns into two dollars.(And for the BKWA, $1 actually turns into $3 as the NFWS is also matching dollars for their Twin Rivers Project)

So what other groups out there should I consider adding to the list?  If you can think of one, drop their name in the comments section, and their website so I can check them out.  I want to add at least two more groups to this list.  Thanks.

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