Ghetto Tramp- by Nick Granato

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Hook: Gamakatsu 5/0 rubber worm hook
Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed nylon
Rattle: Glass 5 mm
Tail: Flash N Slinky and Flashabou
Body Wrap: Palmer Chenille
Skirt: Net Craft Turbo Flare Bass Skirt
Back: Flashabou and Peacock Herl
Collar: Ostrich Marabou
Eyes: Hareline 3D Pupil eyes

Ghetto Tram’s conception came to be one fateful snowy cold day in January on a trip to Cabelas. The reason for the trip was to pilfer the gear section of hooks and a few other odds and ends. The three of us split up and shopped around for a little bit. After a while we all ended up on the same isle at the same time… This isle was home to the now beloved Bass Skirt. It was like they had there own gravitational pull and there we were staring at these bass skirts and the wheels started turning. Not a lot was said for the first couple minutes except for a few “holy shits” and “dude”. Needless to say the three of us put a good dent in the stock and have been incorporating them into flies ever since. Overall I have really been digging on these bass skirt flies and they have a lot going for them. They add enough weight to slowly sink, give great bulk in the water while still being light and easy to cast, are fairly cheep, are quick and easy to use while coming in ever style and color imaginable, and if you really want to dork out you can make your own. But the best part is they straight up fish!

Start your thread 1/3 of the way back from the eye. You’ll use this as a reference point on the rest of the fly.

Tie in the bottom color of Flash N Slinky

Tie in your flash and leave it untrimmed.

Fold it back on top of itself and tie it off.

Repeat the same steps of the top color of Flash N Slinky and flash as you did with the bottom color.

Repeat the tie in of the flash

… and fold back

Tie in your rattle on the bottom of the hook shank.

grab your glue of choice

Glue the first 1/2” of the tail past the hook bend. This will keep the long tail from fouling.

Tie in your palmer chenille.

grab the glue again

Coat the rattle in glue and advance the thread.

Wrap the palmer chenille over the rattle and over the glue.

Tie in the back strip of flash and fold it back on it’s self like the previous to colors

and fold back

Tie in a generous clump of long peacock herl.

Make a nice flush taper so the bass skirt seats up nice and tight.

grab your skirt

Coat the thread with glue all the way around the hook shank.

Slide the the skirt up the the peacock.

Take a 5” long strip of 3/0 lead.

Wrap the lead around the skirt to keep the legs out of the way while you finish the head.

Tie in and wrap the ostrich marabou forward to the eye.

Build up a head, whip finish and cut the thread.

Use glue to seal the head and apply it to the back of the eyes before applying them.

This is Ghetto Tramp is ready to fish

Check out Nick on his blog-
Oh yeah… you need this fly in your box!

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  1. Ad Swier says:

    Hi Nick,

    Looks like a great fly. Would love to include it in my forthcoming book; ‘A world of pikeflies’. If you’re interested give me a shout will ya? .

    Best as always,


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  2. Nick Granato says:

    Ad thanks for the compliments and interest I didn’t see a way to contact you on your web page. Could you send me a email to nich 0806 (at) gmail dot com.

    Thanks again,

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  3. Ad Swier says:

    Hi Nick,

    Just saw your mail. I think Raymond already told you how to get in touch, but here it is:
    [email protected].
    My home addres is:

    Ad Swier,
    Zwolseweg 101,
    8275 AC ‘s-Heerenbroek, The Netherlands.
    tel: 00 31 (0) 38 3557564.

    Thanks again,


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  4. granato miryam says:

    hi nick, I am italian and my name is Granato, same you. I am born to Como, you are italian? XO miryam
    your flies is very good …..

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