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An Interview with the Klinkhamer Himself by VERN-O

Hans van Klinken lives in Harskamp, a little village in the center of Holland with his wonderful wife of almost 25 years Ina.  Who has gained her own fame in Canada for spectacular catches of Inconnu (See: http://www.ffinternet.com/html/canada_yukon3.htm) She started fly fishing in 1991.
Hans is 53 years old and has worked for 27 years as an instructor for the Dutch army.  He is currently commander of the Royal Dutch Army Gunner School where he and his instructors are preparing soldiers for deployment to Afghanistan.
Hans began bait fishing at the age …

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[17 Dec 2017 | Comments Off on Green Lantern Perdigon Nymph – Lucian Vasies | ]

This Perdigon nymph is developed to be a stimulator type of nymph. It is a perdigon type of nymph, used in European fly fishing competitions.

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[10 Dec 2017 | Comments Off on Barred Ostrich from OPST (Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics) | ]

The hunt for the perfect Ostrich plume is over, thanks to OPST (Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics)

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[17 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on Emerald Shanker – by Kevin Hospodar | ]

This has become my go to fly for Lake Erie Steelhead, a mix of a baitfish and an intruder fly. The waddington shank adds enough weight to get the fly down and it is “even weight” the keeps the fly nice and level.

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[12 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on How To – Build Sink Tips with T-14 | ]

Here is a simple and long lasting way to build sink tips with bulk material and a trick with colored nail knots that allow for easy recongition.

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[12 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on Micro Intruder fly – Kevin Hospodar | ]

A micro intruder fly may sound like an oxymoron. This is a single station version of the typically double station intruder. Utilizing minimal materials, and a waddington shank this fly can get down but still has the movement and big profile like the larger similar patterns.